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The Squire Shop is Moving!!
Squire Shop moving from downtown to Maple Street
by Colton Campbell/Times-Georgian Times Georgian
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The Squire Shop store manager Rachel Toadvine unfolds shirts Friday before steaming and hanging them in the shop. (Photo by Cliff Williams/Times-Georgian)
The Squire Shop store manager Rachel Toadvine unfolds shirts Friday before steaming and hanging them in the shop. (Photo by Cliff Williams/Times-Georgian)
A local menswear store that has spent the last 10 years in its location just off Adamson Square is packing up its polos and moving.

The Squire Shop is moving to the Westover Square shopping center on Maple Street and will be found beside American Pie Pizzeria.

The store’s owner, April Harris, said she has not nailed down a concrete date for the move yet, but said she hoped it would be in late October or early November.

“We’re going to try to do it over a weekend,” she said. “I don’t want the store to have to be closed for more than one day. Last time the store moved, I think it took all night, but we’ll be willing to do that again.”

The new store will increase the store’s sales space by a fair amount, going from 1,200 square feet to 1,700. But the new space will be bigger than that, because Harris plans on having six dressing rooms in the new store, three more than the store currently has, and more storage space.

“We have to block off the back part of our store now during prom season to make room for tuxedo racks and makeshift dressing rooms,” Harris said. “Our regular customers get scared to come in here during prom season because they know it will be so crowded and cramped in here.”

Harris said another reason for the move is to increase parking opportunities for customers.

“Here on the square, you kind of have to plan where you’re going to park and you usually have to walk a fair distance no matter where you park,” she said. “But parking at Westover Square is a no-brainer, and we’ll have designated spots just for us.”

Specialty clothing and accessory shops near the Maple Street location, including Sweet Pea’s Boutique and Freckles Boutique, will also help the store and give some balance to the women’s clothing vibe those stores promote.

“Having those similar businesses close by will help us out,” she said. “Girls can go to those stores, while the guys come to ours.”

Catering to the store’s shift in clientele over recent years is yet another reason the store is moving, Harris said.

“We used to cater to older gentlemen who would come in for suits and dress shirts for work,” she said. “But now, more and more junior high and high school and college students are coming in and shopping. So being closer to the college will definitely help us and them out.”

Two University of Georgia graduates, Charles Willis and Larry Cooley, established the shop in 1963. The business prospered selling apparel for men, including suits, dress shirts and ties.

The Squire Shop was purhcased in 2005 by Harris. While the shop no longer carries all of the suit merchandise it once carried, it still carries an array of clothing options for men, including sports jackets, suits by order and clothing from specialty brands.

The store moved to Adamson Square in 2002, coming from Maple Street beside Gold’s Gym, where Club Fitness is now.

“I’ll miss the square, of course,” Harris said. “It’s always been a good spot for us, but I think this will be helpful for our customers, and that’s who I’m really looking out for.”

The Squire Shop will celebrate its 50th anniversary next year.
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